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One of the things that separates Palmetto Building Specialties from other cabinet companies is that we offer full time design services. We work directly with homebuilders to design the kitchen and bathrooms of your dreams. The design process consists of three essential steps:
  1. The first step in the design process consists of measuring the kitchen, bath, and laundry rooms of your home. Our professional contractors measure to the 16th of an inch, following industry codes and regulations in order to provide you with the most accurate measurements possible.

Layout Sketch .png

2. Step two of the design process consists of sketching your kitchen and baths on drawing paper. This rough sketch gives our designers exactly what they need to begin the full custom three-dimensional design process.


3. Once steps one and two are complete, our professional design team begins work on a two and three-dimensional representation of your kitchen and baths, using 2020 Design Software. The images created show exactly how the kitchen and baths will look once completed. By providing our customers with a visual of the finished product, our customers know exactly what they are paying for.

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